Since having worked with Alison, the door to communication and understanding in our family has been opened. Alison has a no nonsense approach to life and its many challenges, and has an innate understanding of the real issues that ‘today’ families are faced with. Alison has also been able to successfully advise me within the work environment, utilizing her skills to manage staff in area’s such as staff management, staff personal growth, conflict and resolutions”

C.R. Business Owner. Kedron

“A few years ago my partner told me that he was leaving if I didn’t go and see someone about my mood swings and my inability to communicate my feelings without a serious emotional outburst.

A friend had been seeing Alison Lane for counselling and recommended her.

I had no idea why I saw things the way I did – I thought I saw things the way other people did and couldn’t understand why my partner was able to deal with emotional situations with such apparent ease.

My goal was to be able to live calmly. The therapeutic process was difficult for me at first, but Alison supportively (and firmly) helped me learn how my past impacts on my life now, and how to learn new skills to live life the way I want to.

I am much happier now. Any my boyfriend didn’t leave!

Thanks Alison.

C – Lutwyche”

I first went to see Alison about 15 months ago due to marriage difficulties. After several visits, Alison quickly identified that some childhood issues were contributing to my problem and they needed to be resolved. Alison worked with me and provided a time frame of about 8 months to resolve these issues.(I had previously spent about 8 years with another therapist on the same issues). True to her word, in 8 months all those issues were resolved and I know this time for good.

I highly recommend Alison for several reasons. The most important is her experience. I completely trust – her vast knowledge of the process and I know with her guidance I will achieve the happiness I deserve. I appreciate her honesty when she offers possible outcomes and she lets me know the work needed to achieve the best results. I know that Alison will be working just as hard too – to support and encouragement me and because of her professionalism I am confident of success. If you have problems that you cannot see away out of, then I highly recommend a visit to Alison to gain the clarity in your life that you deserve.

May 2009

Alison’s holistic approach to family dynamics has been very helpful to myself as well as to other members of my family. I have found her to be an insightful and effective counselor.

GN. Melbourne (Online counselling)